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Power Exchange Weight Loss Solutions

As someone who is every knowledgeable in the health food industry, and personal training. I’ll be able to whip you into shape better than any personal trainer ever could because a trainer isn’t also a skilled dominatrix. My training comes with personal training, either online or in person to coach you through your workout to ensure you do not give up. It also comes with a customized meal plan, as that is the most important part to any diet. If you are very serious about giving up control of your weight so I can handle it, read more details in my PDF form, and fill out my contract and email it back to serveprincessmia@worshipprincessmia.com.

Training Includes

  • Training 4 times a week with me, online or in person if in my city.
  • Customized Meal Plan, where you will be required to send me pictures of everything you eat. 
  • Keeping a food journal through pictures that I will log for your progress.
  • You will have daily access with me to keep you on track. 

Training Package Rates

2 Week Trial


1 Month Package


3 Month Package

$ 2000

6 Month Package


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Further information, and the contract with email to send back are here. You must make a NiteFlirt to Purchase.

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