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I am a Lifestyle, Financial and Professional Dominatrix of 4 years and counting.
I’ve been dominant as far as I can remember, always a little bossy and loved to be in control with all the attention on me. My parents had said I had “control issues” I hated being told what to do, I resisted all authority. Dating cocky, “dominant” boys in high school never worked out for me because I was too stubborn and “argumentative” and slowly I started picturing doing other things to them..How would it feel to tie them up, and stuff a pair of my dirty panties in their mouth and tell them that I faked every orgasm, and their little dick will never make any girl feel good. Though it didn’t turn me on sexually, the kinky thoughts always gave me gratification,  and a sexual power I could feel inside myself opening up. I later realized I only truly enjoy sex with a man who knows a real women is powerful and respects her to the highest degree, but not beta males either..I learned the use for one of those around the age of 18, as I was lucky (or maybe unlucky) to not have encountered or had them approach me in high school. 

a Goddess

Although I am young, it may make it seem I am unexperienced but I was introduced to the lifestyle at the young age of 18.  I was introduced by a retired Pro Domina friend, she had been telling me for some time about her slaves and I had taken great interest, eventually she took me to a session with one of her slaves. I watched intently as she tied the fat pig to the bed and told him how small his dick was and we watched it raise…a whole 3 inches. She humiliated him, had him fuck and suck her strap on till her came all over the floor and she had him lick it up as we laughed. 
Since then I have taken many slaves, with different arrays of kinks and interests. I have learnt all I can, and my skill set is constantly expanding. I will leave your mind in shambles, you will know that there is no one above me, in my sweet but evil way.

My style of domination varies on the energy of the slave I am torturing and teasing. I find myself versatile, and ever changing. My skill set forever expanding. I like to know your kinks and limits beforehand. I don’t like to make specific plans for my sessions mostly so DO NOT ask “What will you do to me, Mistress” because I do what I want, when I feel like it with no plan in mind (within limits). It is much more fun, when everything can be left to the imagination and it doesn’t feel scripted. Dominance and Submission is something natural, I am not into forced (unless it is a consensual roleplay) You should willingly do all I say for the power that I hold over you. My versatility & genuine interest and love for what I am doing sets me apart from many other Pro Dominatrix. My slaves who serve me well often get the chance to build an amazing relationship with me, if they’re so lucky and try hard enough. I truly enjoy picking the mind of the submissive so be prepared to speak, almost as if you’re in therapy. If you live to serve, you will love being under my service and control. I am an a mix of darkness and lightness. 

Beyond The World

High Fashion
I've dreamt of couture since I was a child, and now I have slaves who are lucky enough to buy it for me! I loved watched fashion shows, and eagerly awaited fashion week. I was given a sewing machine young, and I started designing and modifying my clothes, in another life that would be my passion career if I wasn't so. in love with BDSM. My Favourite Fashion Designers include: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Givency, Tom Ford, Prada, Alexander McQueen and Valentino. Favourite Shoe Designers; Christian Louboutin, and Giuseppe Zanotti.
Food & Nutrition
Nothing is more relaxing then making yourself a good, HEALTHY, balanced meal. I suprisingly love to cook, and am a very healthy person. I workout at least 5 times a week, and have a very balanced diet. I live to nourish my body (literally) and love to coach, and have helped many of my friends lost weight. I do not eat processed foods, and sugars! If you are having diet and weight problems, I have many solutions (that include fun BDSM options). So suggestions to cook for me are a no no, unless you are a gourmet chef because chances are, I'm better.
Weight Solutions
Travelling & Nature
Since I was a kid, I've been taken camping. I fell in love with the trees, and the animals, the lakes and water. It helps ground you (which will go into my next interest) keep you centered, and present. It has helped my anxiety, especially as I've grown older and less ignorant of the world's bad side. I also fell in love with leaving my house for somewhere new, Canada is beautiful, but so is so many other parts of the world I've gotten to experience so far such as the UK, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Czech Republic.. I can't wait to see what the rest of the world has in store as I dominate it as well 😉
I am extremely spiritual though I was raised Christian. I explored further into religion and spirituality as I grew older and changed beliefs slowly as I researched further into buddhism, hinduism and paganism. I believe heavily in crystal healing, natural medicines, kitchen witchery, chakra healing, sex magick, yoga, astrology, chemical free foods and products. I would "identify" as pagan/wiccan but I am still very much learning and exploring as it is a huge realm.
My artistic side definitely shines through in my clips, and photoshoots. I took special art classes in high school and was able to really learn more then just the painting, drawing aspect. I was taught about Picasso (not a fan) and Van Gogh (love) Salvador Dali, the group of 7 favourite styles are Street Art, Realism and Impressionism. I love Van Gogh, who is Dutch; as is my heritage. Monet, Renoir.. My favourite painting is (stereotypically) Starry Night.
Video Games
My random weakness. No, I do not play call of duty (unless its prop hunt). I like the old school games (Pokémon, Zelda, I'll put sypro out there too) but currently love the unchartered series, batman Arkham series, assassins creed, skyrim. Action adventure and if it has some fantasy, even better. I have finished Fallout 4, and recently downloaded the new Spyro as my current game play. My favourite system will forever be nintendo, especially handheld ones but I mostly play ps4 now.
I've read lots from Jane Austen novels, The Bronte Sisters, game of thrones, lord of the rings, Shakespeare, CS Lewis, Poets, spirituality and paganism books. I love getting lost in books. My favourite genres would be mystery thriller (love Ruth Ware, BA Paris, Agatha Christie) fantasy-fiction (Neil Gaiman, JK Rowling), psychology textbooks, works from Philosophers such as Aristotle and recently Ptolemy due to his work on Astrology (one of my great loves) I have read well over 100 books in many different subjects though, as I read whatever piques my interest and that is constantly changing and evolving.

Submission & Aftercare

I consider myself to be a “kind” domina, only in the sense that your mental well-being is always close to heart but whilst taking advantage and using you for whatever I fancy. Though do not think it’s about being used, it’s about being OF USE. I do not like unhealthy, depressed slaves and my intention is to not RUIN your life but to enhance it. I always know what I want from you, and I know how to get it. I always strive to be my best, so you should obviously reciprocate, your submission to me should come naturally. 

Strap On

I session in Canada, Europe and the UK. Here is where you will find my current location, plus any other session etiquette, tribute, fetish fantasies & information I expect you to know before contacting me.
My clips & content for you to indulge, and get lost in, falling deeper into your love for me.
Travel dates, plans, talks, discussions and events I plan on attending.
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24/7 Slaves
I take this lifestyle seriously, so I am always open to slaves serving me long term. Actually it is a preference as long as you are a match and able to accept the terms, more information and ways to apply here.
Delve deeper into my mind, past fantasies. Here is everything, posts, clips, content, niteflirt, pictures, videos, fan club. This is the addicts area.
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