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Tribute, Requirements, Rules, Etiquette & Extras

I accept all forms of  Sissies, Slaves, Submissives, Fetishist, Beta Males. I require a $100 deposit to book for first time sessions sent to my email through EMT/PayPal or a reference from a Reputable Domina I can contact to confirm your commitment.

Submission is about being of service, how you can enhance my life, make me happier which in turn will make you happier with me. 


Submission is about being of service, how you can enhance my life, make me happier which in turn will make you happier with me. My sessions are not scripted, do not go into extensive fantasizing detail in your initial email or it will be ignored. I accept nothing more than an outline, and a details about past experience (can be extensive if your experience is). The rules are made by me, you just set your fetish restrictions. 

I offer an extensive amount of fetish and BDSM services. (Details Lower on the Page) You can’t come into a session expecting it to be like the porn you have studied and watched. Submission is much more powerful then that, you do not get to feel the same submission in porn that you do when serving in real life. I’m here to show you what a true world of female supremacy and domination is like. 

Maybe you don’t know if you’re submissive or not, you just feel different or bored. You’re looking for a more open minded connection..I am here to help you push and explore those boundaries. Lead you into a world of compliance..where what I say goes, and you love every second of it. 
Hand me control, and let me take the weight off your shoulders..I’m much better equipped to handle your thoughts and actions.

My purpose is to give your life meaning, improve your life just by you being in service to me. Submission to me is about trust and a bond between Mistress and her Slave, I always expect you to communicate with me..not be scared of me, rather know your place beneath me. Its about respect, and adoration. It’s not about thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less, about being of use. Boundaries should be pushed in a space where two people feel comfortable. 

Submit Your

Dungeon sessions are an extra $50 per hour (Only On sessions less than two hours in Europe and UK) and require a larger deposit of $100.  They are preferred for most settings, but I host from a condo as well. I do offer some fetishes outside my list, enquire with email. 

Fetish Fantasies

I don't offer pussy worship, or rimming from an non devoted slave so never request it. Facesitting for me is about control, power, humiliation, breath control but highest of all, teasing.

My favourite form of body worship is massages, I do not like certain parts of me licked. I do love my feet to be licked, armpits, calves. I do not offer breast worship. Imagine being able to rub my back, my legs and my arms in oil…heaven for you too.

Men only think with their dicks, and all it does is get them in trouble. Having control of it makes them dumb, that's why they deserve to be locked up. Maybe then they could actually be productive members of society, little cock locked men is what the world needs.

My wand makes the tip of your cock Pulse and twitch, till you can't take it anymore, you feel like you're going to cum or cry and you're not sure which one first! At this time I don't know have any electric insertion toys unless I use a dungeon rental (extra)

Boot camp time! Mistress has planned out a strenuous and humiliating (or encouraging depending on needs) nutrition & exercise plan (with some heavily needed extra encouragement from me) so you can finally lose that extra weight.

I am only into consensual blackmail. You must pay, download and fill out this form and send it back to me as per the instructions on the form to be taken seriously.

I have PVC, leather boots and heels, from 6 inches to 9, they are always in need of a good bitch to clean them. I cater to a dirty boots, boot worship, or just the look themselves. Come bow down at my feet, clean my boots with the brush and then your tongue, and there better not be a spot on them when you’re done.

I live to make your ass my bitch, and any of my strap on clips prove it. I'm a skilled anal trainer, and I'm only getting better. I'll stretch you, and have you cumming on the floor as I pound you.

my beautiful long legs in silky nylons. You love the feel, so smooth, you love worshipping and feeling the silky texture against you. My legs against your face

Whether I'm edging, teasing or you're locked up in chastity... your orgasms belong to me. You ask to cum, beg to cum, before you even think of it. If you cum without permission, you won't get to enjoy it at least..

Lets put you in my hood, you won’t be able to hear or see, then when you’re Tied up and even more defenseless..will I just leave you there or will I torture you, you won’t see whats coming. The tension of waiting for me to do something is overwhelming. *still expanding my knowledge here with vacuum beds and bondage* Better in a dungeon setting.

Open wide, and drink all my sweet golden nectar. Makes you feel like MY dirty little dog doesn’t it? Its all you’ll be drinking, when you eat, when you wake up, when you go to sleep at night. No water, no juice, my champagne only.

A FAVE. Let me transform you into the perfect sissy slut. I know how to make you talk like a slut, we’re throwing out your boxers, panties only from now on, I’ll teach you how to walk like a slut and wear make up like one. I'm going to make you forget how to be a “man” and you’re going to love it, its what you've always dreamt of.

Turning men into cock lovers is always fun, I have a male submissive to use who tops and bottoms and for longer session I even do outings to the bathhouse, glory holes or even to just a gay club to fantasize or for the more daring, pick up a man

Wrapped up, with no where to go, no where to hide. Just how I like it, can be done in a home setting in creative ways or we can book a dungeon.

Candles, hot knives and brands..oh my. Whatever else I can heat up and torture you with...

*may learn fire play*

Be the mat that I rub my feet on when I come home for the day..Be the table that holds my dinner and wine, the footstool that holds my feet up on it as I watch movies at night…The throne I sit on as I am worshipped. My ashtray as I smoke a joint. You are now referred to as “it” you are a thing, not a person.

A slight introduction to some fear play. Erotic asphyxiation, I have many methods of breath control, suffocation, hand over mouth, gagging..strangulation..smother your face with my big ass. when will you breath again? Maybe I won't let you.

You've been a naughty boy, haven't you? Need to be punished, canes and whips are for the extremely bad. Those who really need to be taught a lesson, bruising it to be expected with this one..Dungeon setting needed.

May require training for some…have you ever fantasized about having a girl able to put her whole hand in your loose ass? Or thought about having your ass stretched large enough for it to be punched open? Dreamed of being fucked by a giant 12 inch cock? I promise its not painful, unless I make it to be. 

I adore a slave who can properly worship, clean, lick, and massage my feet till they’re fully relaxed. After spending a day on my feet, this is almost a must. Every Goddess needs a good foot bitch. 

Torture of the body..for the true pain sluts who know exactly what they deserve. Caning, floggings, whips, OTK spankings, bare hand spanking, bastinado etc. Let me teach you your lesson, I’ll beat it into you. Dungeon Setting preffered, but can be done in my home setting.

Perfect if you enjoy public humiliation, from light to mild to hard. Light cues to waiters and servers or hard ones, verbally abusing you in front of everyone, only letting you eat my scraps..not letting you speak because you're a useless imbecile. This one can be a lot of fun.. 

Head scissors till you pass out, I’m nowhere near as small as the pictures portray. Stomach punches, and kicks, be my new sturdy punching bag. At 5’9 and 150lbs, I’ll crush you with my thighs. Ill smother you with my ass, my arms were made to choke men in between my biceps. I work out 5x a week, with leg days being 3...think you can take it?

Are you a good doggy? Come be my pet..i’ll train you, sit, roll over…only be allowed to eat from dog bowls on the floor, like the mutt you are and when you’re bad dog, you’ll get punished. 

Bringing you to the edge to only not let you cum, maybe just keep repeating the process till you've come so close so many times, it feels impossible to even cum anymore. Edge Play can be fun, teasing..maybe a little painful, especially if your orgasm is ruined

DO NOT DISCUSS UNLESS you are willing to pay a fee to show you are serious, $100 gift card to, and message me the confirmation. My black boyfriend has a drool worthy cock, it makes me not want another..Imagine how you’d feel. *ALL REQUESTS WITHOUT TRIBUTE WILL BE IGNORED, THIS IS NOT A DEPOSIT*

One of my favourites, perhaps because cock and balls on you are useless anyways? Differs from busting because torture is more intense and drawn out..the goal isn't to smash but to mangle your little prick. I have lots of devices for this one, and I’m also really skilled with torture by hand… Dungeon setting preferred.

Let me kick your cock and balls into oblivion, if you crave sore, bruised balls then I guarantee you will be writhing at my feet. I'll show ALMOST no mercy.

Full weight, half weight. Either way, I’ll run all over you, use you as my trampoline. Step all over your head, you are now my rug. Heels, barefoot, shoes.. I'm not a small girl, recommended for someone who can bear my weight.

. Though these dynamics take a long time to evolve, and should not just be jumped into. Hand me full control of your life, all decisions great and small. I act as your brain, you don’t even go to the bathroom without my OK.


In sessions this can only be done in longer sessions, with separate and special rates.

I’m going to tease you till you’re about to burst, my ass is out of this world. It shaking in your face is to much to handle, I say don’t cum…. i jerk you once, twice and you’re cumming, and then the jerking stops and it turns to slaps, and The feeling of pleasure has now turned to pain. Your orgasm has been ruined, your pathetic cock hurts down to the balls.

I can offer this in ways through session, both in real time and online. Any inquiries about this fetish require tribute, any emails without tribute will be ignored. $100 through to I also offer a long term financial domination, daily costs slaves, shopping slaves, errands slaves, cash meets or for slaves looking to fully serve in financial domination, Long term is a power exchange relationship. Applications found in my mindfuck zone.

You’re good for nothing, open your mouth and let me empty my fluids into you. Drench your face in my spit. The way it looks coming out of my lips making you enjoy it, being treated like the sidewalk humbles you. It pleases you to be the sidewalk Mistress gets to spit on. 

Just me standing there in Bra and Panties makes your brain go wild, and your little dick twitch at the thought of naughty things you’re too pathetic for. Standing over you, with my ass shaking, keep dreaming loser boy. You only see what i want, when I want. I toy with your mind, using my body. My perky tits bouncing around, you dream of it. But you’ll never get it.

These are not sessions to help you quit, these are sessions to help you realize you won't be able to forget this part of yourself, and how to cope with it properly, and in healthy ways. 

I’ve just come back from a yoga and gym session, I’m drenched in sweat. My back has it gathered at the top of my leggings, my armpits have it running down my arms, my feet just stink. I need a slave willing clean the areas I wish to be cleaned, and beg for the ones I don’t. 

Tied up, tortured, or teased, a bit of both.... love pairing this with sensory deprivation so you really have no natural defenses. Always best in a dungeon with lots of toys.

Specify your type of humiliation, I offer verbal and physical forms. Have many toys and task to spiral you into submissive heaven. If you live to amuse, and be my little bitch, suck my cock and clean my floors with your tongue.

Only medical, confession, or interrogation style role play. Prostate exams, gay confessions to the nun, Russian spy interrogations...

Can be done in many ways, dinner, shopping, trips to the park with you as my dog... sometimes I allow slaves to attend events with me. You may contact (with $100 tribute) to discuss an event you would like to attend with me.


Regular Sessions

Regular sessions are for those who like to escape to the bdsm world for a limited time but like their experience to be more intense and involved. (Fetish is no more the two fetishes being foot, smothering, heel/boot, golden shower, cfnm) 

200 – 30 mins (Fetish Strictly)

350 – 1 Hour 

600 – 2 Hours 

850 – 3 Hours

1100 – 4 Hours 

1450 – 6 Hours

1000 – 5 hours {approx. 3 Hours Play, 2 Hours Other}

1500 – 8 hours {approx. 4 Hours Play,  4 Hours Other}

1800 – 10 hours {approx. 5 Hours Play, 5 Hours Other}

2000 – 12 hours {approx. 6 Hours Play, 6 Hour Other}

2500 – A Full Day for those who are really looking into the lifestyle, enough time to fully get to know each other…in many aspects 

5000 – A Weekend {2 days, 3 nights} maybe it’s a getaway from wifey or an experience too always remember..

7000 – A Full Week of Absolute Submission, finally you get to stay where you belong for as long as you could possibly manage.. 

Lifestyle Sessions

Daily life slave sessions are of longer hours, cheaper tribute for slaves who wish to experience what being my full time slave is all about. They are not fully focused on your and your fetishes, though there is still playtime, there is also relaxation and daily activities for me {such as you running errands with me, cleaning the house, being my footstool as I watch a movie, paint my toenails, massage my feet, sleeping in the cage or foot of my bed and so on..}

Online/Long Distance Training {Selective}




$100 for 20 minutes
$150 for 30 minutes
$180 for 40 mins 
$200 for every hour.


$50 a picture 
$100 for a video 
$50 for 25 messages
$200 package (15 messages, 2 videos, 2 pictures) 
$300 package (25 messages, 3 videos, 4 pictures, or 4 videos and 1 picture) 


Call Button
Call Button

Bookings, Cancellations & No Shows

Booking Inquiries can be made through my form, niteflirt and/or email if conducted properly.. I prefer at LEAST an 3 HOURS To prepare for an appointment, though bookings are easiest to schedule with minimum of 12 hours notice especially when using the dungeon. When inquiring about sessions, include your age, your previous experiences, your personal favourite kinks and fetishes, your soft and hard limits and of course when you were looking to book an appointment for. 


On the day of the appointment, I require a confirmation of the appointment one hour prior to the set time. At that time, and no sooner will I give you the address. If you do not confirm, that is a No Show. If something has come up, please notify me of the cancellation before your confirmation time to avoid a No Show hassle. If you cancel after confirming, I will require the full tribute and you will be blacklisted from seeing me till that is paid. There is no fee for cancelling before confirmation. 

Princess Code Of Conduct

Though I am kind, and talkative and prefer a responsive submissive…It does not draw away from me being in control. I may ask your opinion, do not think it means that we are playing by your rules. Respect is always required, my rules are to always be followed or you will be told to leave. I don’t like testy submissives, be honest and straight forward. Listen to what I say, respond, be respectful and everything will go well. 

✨ I am always to be addressed as Mistress, Princess Mia, Princess, Goddess or Miss. Do not call me other stupid pet names. 

✨ Ask to touch me, do not just put your hands on me, even places as simple as my ankle. Do not touch without Permission, as a good sub should.

✨  I do not accept any hard drugs under my roof, 420 friendly only. 

✨ I am not looking for a submissive husband, or boyfriend. I do not engage in sexual activity with you, no oral or penetration.  

✨ Bargaining my rates, will only get you ignored and blacklisted. If you can’t afford it, that is not my issue. I have many offerings at many prices, figure something out. 

✨ Do not continuously contact me, if I haven’t contacted you back, it’s because I do not find our interest align.

✨ Do not try to talk sexually or make me humiliate you via text, email or call without tribute (exception of niteflirt). You will be blacklisted.

I appreciate a slave who communicates with me about stress he has towards playtime activities. Communication is key in any D/S dynamic. 
I appreciate a slave who goes into a session with an open mind, I like exploring limits. I understand some limits, but some are also meant to be pushed. This is why there are soft vs hard limits. A slave who is open to giving himself wholly for his Mistress is ideal to me.


When seeking a session with me, for a request such as strap on play, an enema is required before meeting. If you haven’t cleaned yourself properly, and there is an in session issue, the session will be terminated. {accidents do happen though}

Although a session is a sexual and intimate environment, and playtime is about pleasure… these sessions are not in any way me engaging in sexual conduct with you (ie. pussy worship, touching areas without permission, sex etc) Any sexual advances that make me uncomfortable will also end in the automatic termination of the session. 

You are fully aware that some aspects to BDSM can pose some risks, and I am not at fault for any injuries as they were requested of me. 

You are aware that if any of my above rules are broken, that the session with be terminated and you will be asked to leave. 

I Do Not Offer Hardsports, Incest Fantasies, Racism, Pussy Worship, or Rimming.