I’m specialized in the transformation of a sissy, I even offer a few slave positions for servitude from sissies which can be found at the end of the post. Scared? But know that you belong with a cock in your mouth? Well I can get you there, bring you out of that scared shell. You probably have checked out this page at least 5 times,¬† and that’s where you must realize If you have the thought, it won’t just go away. You must accept your role and we can start slowly.. work your way through the ranks, my cock, shemale cock, to male cocks…

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You Are A Sissy, Learn Your Mantra

You Love Cock

You Love Cum

I offer specials on Sissy Transformations, which include dress up, playtime and activities. Activities I offer is outing to places such as Gay Clubs, Gay Sauna Club, TS clubs, gloryholes (all in which you can be masked)

2 Hours – $400 (Just Dress Up, With a Little Play)

4 Hours – $800 (2 Hours Play, 2 Hours Out)

6 Hours – $1100 (3 Hours Play, 3 Hours Out)

8 Hours – $1300 (4 Hours Play, 4 Hours Out)

Too big of a pussy to see me in person… but to turned on to not doing something about it? Can’t wait to be my little robo cock sucking machine? Call my special niteflirt line to talk to me about your fantasies in private then, transform for me over the phone, and suck all the phallic objects you can find for me, including your wife’s heels…

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Here is where you find my sissy application, depending on your abilities I’ll place you differently. I have places as my personal sissy, party sissy, gay 4 pay sissy (which can be in person or online) maid sissy… click any to buy the application and send it back to theprincessmia@outlook.com